About us

Who we are:
Peter Theunisz founded the Used Rides Europe BV organization in collaboration with Len Soled of Rides-4-U (USA) to connect the European and US used rides market in any possible way. Both are well-known partners in the amusement industry and have many years of experience in the amusement industry.

What we do:
Used Rides Europe BV is situated in The Netherlands and has a very large worldwide network. We work with showmen, theme-parks, piers, boardwalks and ride manufacturers all over the world, who are in search for buyers and sellers of new and used amusement rides.

Besides trading equipment we are also specialized in mediation, negotiations, transportation, shipping and translations. We can assist you with your future deal(s) in English, Dutch, French, German and Spanish languages.

Used rides:
We offer used amusement rides that are on the market worldwide. Sellers provide us information about the condition and status of the ride that they want to put for sale. We strive to only advertise rides that have a documented history or up to date logbook.

New rides:
New Rides Europe is the official sales agent for new KMG amusement rides and Lamberink ferris wheels. Visit our website New Rides Europe.

Used Rides Europe BV works with several financing companies and foreign exchange agencies in Germany, UK and the US. This way we can advise you how to apply for financing or to lock in an exchange rate for a foreign currency.

We recommend OA Finance for US based buyers and AC Finance for European based buyers. Feel free to contact us for additional information about financing and currency exchange.

All these services make it possible that we can provide you every possible service that you require from A to Z.

You can advertise with Used Rides Europe BV for a small fee. Commissions are to be agreed on.

Please feel free to contact us for any further information and we hope that we can handle your next deal or trade!

Thank you,
Used Rides Europe BV


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