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Our company is specialized in bringing amusement ride buyers and sellers together. Our organisation has a worldwide network which will make your search for a buyer for your amusement ride much easier. We will take care of all the negotiations, mediation and paperwork for you. Used Rides Europe BV advertises in international magazines, visits trade shows but also uses social media like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to advertise your ride, or upload it to the mobile App

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Cummings Locomotive
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We provide many services for the amusement industry such as transportation, shipping, sales contracts, translations in 5 languages, appraisals,  import- and export documents and much more. We offer you these services to make a purchase or sale much easier for you, no matter where in the world. Or let us know if you are in search of any particular equipment and we will help you find it. Do you need more information about our services, or do you have any questions? Please click the “Inform Me” button below and fill out the contact form.

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